Monday, June 19, 2006

This weekend was fun...We did not do as much as we do on most weekends but we did do few things. Friday night most of our friend's came home. Guys went to play tennis while me and my girlfriend watched a miserable telugu movie (half only). Then all of us went to Denny's and game over for the night.

The next day we had a late start, met a friend for lunch and then the four of us went shopping at Grapevine Mall. Which followed by us meeting friends at The Den (that's what we call one of our friend's house) and the girls split for a girl's night out while the dudes watched movies.

And then on our way back home a little late in the night is when one of the most exciting/scariest thing in my life happened. We had just joined I635E from 35N and were doing about 55mph due the wet and slick roads (rain)...From nowhere this dude came in from behind us doing around 60-70mph...Did something stupid (like brake I guess), took three turns in the middle of the road before us, rubbed against the median creating sparks, and then one more turn before he exited out the exit that came up. All this happened in a few seconds. Had we been ten feet ahead then we would be toast by now. I mean at three instances we saw his headlight glaring at us. He did circles in the middle of a highway!!! Golly...Scared the crap out of me...But I was happy that everyone seemed okay.

Ya! Now I am sick from being food poisoned (since Sunday)...But apart from that Sunday sucked because the Mavs have lost yet again to the Heats giving them a 3-2 lead...Very sad, the game was bad, and I am disappointed like any other true MAV fan should be!

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