Friday, June 23, 2006

This came out early this week in all major Desi internet newslinks...That Mumbai is the Rudest City World. Is that true? I do not know, why would someone say that? Well they did because they did some research. This is fine, research and all that, now what can we say in the scientific world where anything tagged with the word research is accepted. Shoba Warrier, a prominent journalist in India writes that Chennai is the Kindest City. What do we do of this? I don't know. Can someone claim so? Absolutely..Lets me explain what I believe about Cities and then lets discuss...

1) To bitch/moan/hate/love/like/etc any city (even if it is Mexico City or Cancun) you need to live there for sometime and feel the essence of the place, make friends, etc. You cannot make a decision of like or dislike while visiting/touring a place. What tourism portrays is different from living and life in a particular city.

2) You have to accept that one's hometown is probably one's most favorite place on earth. It does not carry just the I-belong-here factor, but it also carries a lot of memories. So stop dissing other people's hometown because you might/are hurting their feeling.

3) Cities are not only made up of places you can hang out at but also of the People itself...The more familiar/friendly faces the more fun a city is.

4) Never make your opinion of a city based on other's stories. Remember stories are always concocted with a lot of adjectives and exaggerations.

5) Bottom line, we are all one country. I know historically we were not one...But now that we are and we are trying to progress as one country...Lets top dissing and start loving every city in our country at least equally.

I am from Chennai and have always heard bad comments about Chennai - hot, no water, people cannot speak Hindi, its boring, etc...But then its my hometown. I love it, I don't care what is wrong with it because I see so many things that are right with it. But that is because I have lived there and experienced life there and trust me it is great too...It was for me, my family, and my friends...

So is there really a rudest City or a kindest city? I do not think so. Every city has its own pulse and if matches it yours, things work out for you need to look for one where your heart beat vibes...Such is life...Stop bitching and start the loving!


Ashwin said...

well...i lived in bombay for many many years..and have had the credit of living in chennai as well..

I read the report on the BBC. It is not as if one single person was observed to see if he or she was courteous. The study was obviously done based on several parameters by which other cities in the world were judged. I guess it is important to acknowledge such a finding than totally dismiss it as saying it is a subjective argument.

Anu Russell said...


I have the all thee right to say it...How on earth can you come with a common comparison parameter for Mumbai and New York? In what ways are they similar? Demographics? Lifestyle? Culture? In what way are they similar to draw a similar parameter?

I have been to both Mumbai and New York and trust me i found people in NY more rude than people in Mumbai. But I cannot categorize NY to be a rude city because of my experience...this is because my culture and my outlook on a city is (in other words perception) is different from the guy next to me.

Hence such comparison is nothing but waste of time. In other counting sand on a beach!

Ashwin said...

From the BBC:

what's the world's rudest city? The Times reports on a survey by Reader's Digest magazine, which sent researchers into 35 cities across the world to conduct tests of local politeness.

They dropped papers in the street to see if anyone would help them. They checked how often shop assistants said, "thank you" and they counted how often someone held a door open.

Sixty such tests were performed in Mumbai.

Diversity, Population number, way of life, are parallels amongst these 2 metropolisis.

As i said earlier and I say again...I guess it is important to acknowledge such a finding than totally dismiss it as saying it is a subjective argument.


Bishwanath Ghosh said...

I love Chennai :)

Anu Russell said...


To reply to your message would be a folly...

Mr. Ghosh,

Me too, love Chennai :)

yvy said...

Nicely said, Anu! :)