Friday, June 09, 2006

So finally I got to upload pictures in the blogger. I am excited and here are some pics from our RockStars show. I am very sad that we never took any pics of ourselves but next time we will do everything the correct way!
Esha Deol
Mallika Sherawat

Zayed Khan

Kareena Kapoor

John Abraham

And you don't any intro to this dude!!! Sallu aka Salman Khan


sreicanth said...

yeah....looks like u had a blast!...good for you.
i really find it funny that it actually might be easier to have access to the actors outside the country than inside!!

anyways....i am really sorry that i cant get u pictures that u wanted.....the reason being...i dont click until i really feel like...its really on impulse...and i am not really into clickin buildings...(atlest not yet!)..absolutely no offence intended!!.

but really thanks for droppin by graphikjam...and appreciating the pics...really means a lot to me when some pic makes sense to someone other than me too...!
keep comin back for more...;)

sreicanth said...

and a tip for you as well...
uploadin pics in blogger is a pain...especially when u have a lot of them....
its better to upload them onto flickr ( then blog them from there onto blogspot....
u can use ur yahoo id to sign into your flickr it dosent require much effort...
its easier and hassle free
hope it does the job for you in future

Anu Russell said...

thanks so much Sreicanth for your tip...will do just that...BTW What are you doing up so late? No sleep? Golly I remember those days!

I like your Graphikjam have a nice eye for capturing good pics.

And no sweat about the Chennai pics...Found some decent ones off the net!

Thank you for stopping by.

sinusoidally said...

Just came across your blog for the firt time. I have to say your picture is absolutely beautiful. Is it your wedding picture?

Anu Russell said...

@Sinusoidally...Thanks so much...And yes it is my wedding reception pic :) I should say that my makeup person and the photographer were both great professionals ;)