Friday, June 13, 2014

Travel Time - Page 8

The drive to Santa Fe was fun. We had music in full blast, listening to songs from all world languages we drove on lonely roads towards New Mexico. We also stopped en route at an Indian Reservation store and did a lot of shopping.We bought everything Touristy and spent a bit of a time there hanging out and stretching our legs.

Once in Santa Fe we changed and decided to live it up on New Years Eve. We put sickness out of our heads and headed to a local Mexican cuisine. We really loved the food and the ambiance. We ate our tummy's fill and drove to the city's town square.

There was a stage set up in the middle of the square and S, Babs and I got on it, played "Ainvi, Ainvi..." on our cell and started dancing much to the amusement of everyone around. We could not stop giggling. We urged the boys to join us but they laughed and refused to be acknowledged as a part of our group. Later we did convince them to do one step. We could not stop laughing at our dancing escapades.

It was so cold that night that we could not hang out a lot in the open. We rushed back to the warmth of our car and headed back to our hotel. M was going to join us to celebrate the eve with us.

M came with her daughter. Babs and the daughter started  bonding over Netflix while the adults bonded over wine and alcohol. We chatted our hearts out and yelled Happy New Year as the clock struck 12!! It was a fun trip indeed.

Our vacation was over. The next morning we headed back to Dallas feeling bad that the fun times were over and we were back to reality. Despite having flu we enjoyed the trip very much. We go to see so much that we would have missed had we flown to  these places.

America is vast. Unimaginably vast. I cannot still comprehend the vastness, ok you get it. We drove through so much wilderness with not a single human to be seen for hundreds of miles. It freaked me out a couple of times when it was just the three of us driving through the blackness of the night. America has awesome roads even where only ten cars drives through in a day. We saw beauty that nature has made and that which is man made, both of them have their own charm and deserve admiration.

If I had to do it again, sick or not sick, I will do it all over again but I would want to go to Yellow Stone! Maybe end of this year :)

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