Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Travel Time - Page 6

Vegas, as always was welcoming. We loved the hotel room, the view, and the relaxing pace we woke up with. We went down to the hotel restaurant to eat breakfast, which was deliciously lip smacking. Lolled around a bit more before we showered, straightened hair, and dressed up to emerge out of our rooms. We met up with more friends at the mall across the street, ate banana crepes bringing back memories from Paris and aimlessly wandered about doing nothing.

We got back to the room, slept some more and then awoke to get ready for Stratosphere. Not that I do any rides but Babs was excited and so were three other adults. I was happy for them and we left. It was good fun for everyone but Babs did not like the gravity ride much. She explained that it was a big mistake for her to go on it. She did throw a hissy fit when the boys went on two other rides without her as she was too small to ride them.

Babs and I got dropped at the Circus Circus casino where we spent a couple of hours seeing a show and doing some games. I really wonder how they let that establishment exist. The dinginess, the mustiness and the lack of visible exits freaked me out. The architect in me constantly kept spotting the exits just to be sure that I could escape should something started to fall apart. While we were there. the guys picked up McD's for Babs and came back to pick us up. We headed back to the hotel, relaxed, chatted a bit and hit the bed.

That night G coughed and it freaked me out, it was long bouts of cough when I thought he was spilling his guts out. The cough would go on for so long that it freaked both of us out. I did not want to be left behind and took part in the synchronizing coughing contest. We had breathing issues, fast depleting our drug reserves and we were tired a lot. The following morning decided to head to CVS minute clinic while Babs went with her favorite aunt and uncle to see the White tigers at the Mirage. She picked up a stuffed pet and named him Skylar Baby. Skylar Baby goes everywhere with her even today.

G and I came back equipped with the right drugs to push through the rest of the trip and remaining drive back home. We ate lunch and took another nap to get ready to see the night lights of the sin city. Babs and I saw the fountains at Bellagio, walked fast to see the fire show at the Mirage, and then got picked up by G to take us back to our hotel.

We dressed up once again and headed to eat our most fondest dinner ever. We were at Carnevino, Batali's restaurant. From the time we entered Wynn to the time we left with a full stomach we were enchanted. Had no idea that poached egg mixed into mashed potatoes would be so heavenly, or that gnocchi Batali style would change my idea of pasta. Everything we tasted, drank, ate was divine. We left that place so happy and we still cannot stop about that dinner. Babs was beautiful throughout the evening and crashed a few minutes into the dinner.

The following night we had tickets to see Le Reve by Cirque Du Soleil. Could not wait!!!

Happy ART

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