Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I still cannot believe that a whole academic year has gone by us. Our daughter finished her first year in school. It feels like yesterday when I wrote the post on her starting school and now I am writing one about her finishing it.

As always, a lot of confusion, not that I had to do anything for it but the whole end of school year came so fast that I was not prepared to handle the suddenness. I did not know what to expect and there was nothing out of the box but just the feeling that it is all over and now daughter will move from summer camp to summer camp came upon me very fast. I am lucky that my brother is spending a few days with me, so Babs is staying the first week off school at home. After that the scout for summer camps will start.

Babs had a good school year. I would say Great actually. At first, she did not care for it much but after a few months she settled down well. Now, I have few apprehensions about first grade. She will be a grade schooler next year! No more little kid. Well, she never was one. Her attitude and spunk always made me feel that she was wise and old beyond her age.

I miss my child not having the summer vacations that I had. I know it is random but my summers were filled with staying in bed late, eating late breakfast, moping around the house, playing with neighborhood kids, fighting, napping, eating mangoes, roaming around like vagabonds, just chilling in the house. Unfortunately for her, this is not the case, she has always spent 80% of the year in some form of day care. Does this make me feel guilty? Hell to the yeah (trying to sound cool and hip)! What can I do about it? It is not like I chose to give her this. All haters be damned.

I still think it is relaxing for her. Previously she was in a montessori and it was not a big deal but now when real school is off, she feels the fun of summer vacation. I am planning to make sure that she has fun at least a few days.

Other than that. Life goes on. Some disappointments, some sadness, general ok-ness but not feeling high in life. Waiting for that strong wind to lift me up and give me a few happy moments!!!

Summer Amma!

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