Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Run down of 2011

Like every are the highlights of my 2011...I had written this down before I left to California but had no time to edit it or make sure I got everything right while I was running from city to city. So a delayed year end culminatory post...

  • January was fun. Babs got to spend a lot of time with her cousin who spent a couple of weeks with us. We were at the mall everyday playing in the play area.
  • February was the coldest month of the year. We had five snow days and spent a whole week indoors. I had to get creative with keeping Babs busy. 
  • We did Holi for the first time with Babs in a big way. She had a great time with her best friend and us with her parents and I am beginning to enjoy getting colored up. Then of course I had another birthday. A Birthday where I thought I was a year older than I was...that was a pleasant surprise.
  • April was a trip to Chattanooga to meet the parents and NC to meet with the older bro. We rented a cabin, stayed in the Smokies and drove all the way to the coast to meet up with the other brother and did all that in one week. It was super fun.
  • May we spent a weekend in Austin after a long time with some very close friends. It was fun catching up and seeing the kids bond.
  • I was trying my best to save myself from the heat and kept low through the summer. Babs and I did attempt at playing some tennis on good days but most of the days we were stuck indoors doing whatevers.
  • In July we celebrated the fireworks with her cousins and friends atop our office parking lot enjoying the view and fun.
  • August, was the fun month with the trip to NJ/NY and made tons of memories there.
  • September had busy weekends
  • October, the Babs and G both turned a year older and we celebrated it on the same day one after the other until I was completely exhausted and the word Party made me gag.
  • November saw us taking the amazing trip to Oklahoma...
  • December made me re-bond with a very good friend whom I thought I had lost. And of course the fun trip to SFO, LA and Vegas before we welcomed the New Years!
The year 2011 was definitely not as busy as the other years but it saw a new Babs. A grown up girl who had started to sleep in her own room. A girl who was open to trying out Mac & Cheese, or chicken nuggets. A Babs who still wanted to go back home or eat Dal and Rice. A Babs who had her first Ballet Recital, started to write, started to read...A Babs who was my very own 4 year old, with a personality that I am beginning to love, to enjoy and get frustrated with too...Looking for many more new discoveries in the New Year!

Happy 2012 everyone! 



Megha Bansal said...

Did you travel this year??!! Very nice chronicle! Babs is growing up to be a very smart, beautiful and endearing young girl. You are doing a wonderful job, you should be proud. And so you don't forget you are my motivation when it comes to working out. Thank you for being there when I need you. Happy New Year!

Anu Russell said...

I did the trip to my brother's house and also my parent's house and then the trip to three trips...I think I did 4 trips...but cannot remember the 4th one...sad me...

We help each other out a lot. I have to thank you for being there for me, hearing me are an awesome friend!