Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Lets do some Maths

We were at Austin this past weekend celebrating the birthday of our friend's son. On our drive back home I had to keep a wide awake and active Babs busy. We sang songs together, we ate snacks, we spoke about random things, admired the highway sights and ranches, horses and cows, and we were done with all that in the first hour of the drive. We had two more to kill. So I decided that I will do mental sums with her.

I held out five fingers and told her that if mother gave her four mangoes and she ate two then how many would she have. I kept illustrating for her with my fingers to understand the question from my front seat. After playing a few combinations with her she vehemently insisted that she would ask a question. So she asks:

"If I gave you three bananas and papa two bananas, how many apples will I have?"

G and I were in splits. It woke us up from the stupor the highway driving puts you in. After more playing she once again claimed her right to a question and asked us:

"If I gave you four bananas, how many would you eat?"

Seriously, I told G that she was a pakka Konkani. All my Konkani friends always talk about food when they meet, even my Konkan family. And Babs was focusing on eating. Ah well! At least she was patient enough to sit through the three hours and keep us entertained till we reached home exhausted from partying the previous night.



Kavita said...

very funny !! :) Creative question though..

debajyoti said...

very intelligent questions :)

Anu Russell said...

ya...unfortunately her maths skills have not improved much since then! :)