Monday, November 22, 2010

Madhuri Dixit needs a lesson?

Babs loves watching and dancing to the song Aaja Nachle, title song from the movie of the same name. She loves to give everyone a grand performance and more so to her best buds Wawa and La. On one such ocassion while watching the song as well as seeing Babs performance all of us were raving about Madhuri's talent and expressions and grace. This is the context. Now the discussion between mother and daughter.

Amma: Babs, remember even if I get angry with you, it will only be for a short while.
Babs: Ya, I know that.
A: Good.
B: But Amma, you should never get angry with me.
A: Why is that?
B: Because, I am your daughter.
A: Small silent laugh.
B: And I am so graceful.
    Have you seen my expressions? They are beautiful. I dance so well Amma.
    You know what? You should call that Madhuri Dixit home and I should teach her to dance.
    Today? Now?
A: What? (Mouth open, not sure of what I had just heard).
Babs has finally kinda sorta settled down in school. I am afraid that the Thanksgiving break will make it difficult for her again and so will the Christmas break but after that it should be fine. She has been doing a lot of stuff in school and her teacher only had all good things to tell us about her in her first PTA meeting. Yay! Apparently Babs does her work and cries for me during breaks!

She is growing up and becoming super independent. She does not follow me into the bathroom now. When I leave for work on weekends she happily sends me off. She wakes up in the morning wanting to eat cereal watching her favorite songs on TV. I am glad she does this because I don't have to worry if she is eating enough and is not hungry in school. The winter is here, Santa is here and I am afraid that Babs is still scared of him from up close, so no Santa portrait yet for her.

Where is the Babs who used to simply lie down on my lap and play with me and listen to every word I said? Now I have this girl who is busy playing with her toys or scribbling meaningless and wordless notes for me and her father in her room or playing with her new kitchen set making invisible meals for her parents.

Love you


Prasanthi Neeladaran said...

OMG! So cuteeee!

P said...

I see that little Babs shares your wit! :)
you should video document her dances :)

chaos torn asunder said...

Very cute.. would love to see the dance..

Megha Bansal said...

she is one smart alec!
fun reading about her.