Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Europe 2010 - Part 8

October 15, 2010    Interlaken & Lucerne, Switzerland

We woke up pretty early but again before we were on the road it was close to 9.30. We reached Interlaken after a beautiful drive through Basel and Bern a little after noon. The kids were very excited to get out and stretch their legs. We went in for lunch into a snobbish cafe and after seeing their attitude we walked out quietly refusing eat there. The guys did have coffee there. Laker we walked along Lake Thun to enjoy the fall colors and take some good photos.

From there we drove to the city of Interlaken and upon reaching G declared that he wanted to do Paragliding. I was a bit scared but did not want to discourage him. We had the most expensive ever McDonald's lunch and took the kids out to the garden to play while G waited for his Paragliding ride. Then the kids and the mommies went on a pseudo train ride through the town to see the city. We were super impressed and excited. When we got back, unfortunately, G had already landed making us feel a little bit sad but I forced him into buy the video to compensate for that.

After picking up some coffee and force feeding the kids we left for Lucerne where we were going to spend the night in a Etap Hotel. G and Nits had booked the tickets and were excited about getting a great deal. GP and I had no opinions and were looking forward to eating out packed dinner. The drive to Lucerne and the view of Lake Brienz was really mind blowing.

Our hotel room was a welcome surprise for the kids. There was a bunk bed in each room for the third person. The kids refused to get down from it. They were tired to the bones but stayed up way past their bed time but they were both jumping up and down like monkeys. Finally the girls (us) managed to make them sleep while the guys went and bought some basic supplies (example: Beer and drinks!). All of us stayed up late into the night catching up and chatting while the kids slept above us in the bunk bed. We had met GP and N five years ago in Bengaluru and did not know when we will meet them again, so we wanted to make the best of every night when we could chat like adults after the babies were asleep. Bliss!


  • Hotel in Switzerland...cramped. Very small. The one we stayed in was super small but compact.
  • The beauty of the landscape cannot be described with photos or KJo movies, they have to be seen.
  • Everything is super expensive here.
  • People are super rude and mean. I just don't know how they expect to operate as world's tourism capital if the people are not friendly at all.


Arul said...

Who named them "Tourism Capital"? Maybe only because of their hills and chocolates.

Anu Russell said...


I am not sure if they are...I was just saying that considering how popular Swiss is for tourism!

Their hills are beautiful! and their chocolates over rated! I prefer German chocolates meself.

Suchi said...


I had been to Basel 2 years ago....beautiful place. But as you said, people are not friendly. Just like you, I wondered how it's such a popular tourist destination when the locals are rude.

I have another friend who had a train experience similar to yours (previous posts) but in Switzerland, her daughter and friend got into the train and it left before they could get in. They were frantic...and she said....not a single Swiss person in the station offered any help...they pretended like nothing had happened. Then a Chinese guy who was in Swiss (on work) reassured them that the next train would be here soon and helped them out.

Btw, I prefer Cadbury's myself....hehe.