Thursday, November 11, 2010

Europe 2010 - Part 10

October 17, 2010   Happy Birthday Babbi (Walldorf)

German's take their Sunday's very seriously and shut everything down. I don't think any store is open on that day. The entire city comes to a stand still. If you forgot to buy bread then tough luck! We woke up a little late after the long night and I gave Babs her ritual Birthday hair wash and made her wear her new dress that GP had bought for her from India. She was very excited. After lunch and in a sloth like pace we took the kids to this indoor play area where Babs and Tan were let loose. Both of them had such a great time there and bonded really well. The parents, us, also got a full dosage of work out and we were dead tired when we left that place four hours later. G and I tried out trampoline, Babs and Tan loved it. We did those funny climbing cubes and played in cubes filled with those little colorful balls. We were entertained.

Tired, we got back home and after another wash we were all ready to cut the cake for Babs. Who was so excited that we were all going to sing for her. Following with N took us to his favorite Spanish restaurant. Of course I got the most average dish on the table while everything else looked good. Babs was three now, she tried out calamari for the first time and loved it. G and the rest of the gang ate different types of sea food and had a great time there. Before we even got back home the kids were asleep. The adults too were not really a bundle of energy. We slouched down and spoke till it was very late. 

I packed all our bags and put them in the living room and started sulking badly. I was having a good vacaiton. One of those that you never wanted to get over and it was coming to an end. *sulk*

October 18, 2010   Frankfurt & Dallas

Nits dropped us back in Frankfurt Airport. We boarded the flight with a very heart. I could not forget Tanmay and GP. For the way they took care of us and showed us around the country. It was so easy to bond and become friends with GP that I was sure to miss when I came back to Dallas. Babs was a bit sad too but once again she was a super sport in the airplane. Three of us napped for three hours and she was up for the rest of eleven hours with not a scream or a tear. We colored, painted, snacked and told stories to each other but it was all easy.

LP picked us up at the airport and dropped us home. There is something about being back home. No matter what there is no better place than home. Babs still jet lagged went to bed at 6.00pm. G and I followed suit at 7.30pm. No matter how hard we tried we could not keep our eyes open! We did wake up at 5.00am next morning bright and early! And once again regretted that our beautiful vacation had indeed come to an end.


Megha Bansal said...

Babs had a great bday!

lovely recount of the vacation and it looks like you had a very nice time, got to chill a bit and made the most of the days.

Nitin Vaswani said...

hey, u didnt do Britain?
but then the "Empire" was never part of the "European Union", what? :D

Sum said...

Very nice account of the vacation! Why dont you also add a couple of pics abt the places? we'll get to see too :)

Suchi said...


Very nice recount of your vacation. I really enjoyed reading about it.


Anu Russell said...

Thanks all for patiently reading through my travelogue! I really wanted to savor the memories for myself and my daughter.

Sum, I did not spend time taking locale pics...I have mostly pics that have one of us in it. I am afraid to post it online :(

Nitin, Been there in 2006 already :)