Friday, August 07, 2009

Love Aaj Kal

A very simple story and directed decently with some really funny moments and some romantic moments too. When I got out of the theater I did not get the total feel good feeling that I got after "Socha Na Tha" or "Jab we Met." The movie is all fine and dandy and ends happy for everyone but still the feel good factor was missing. I exited feeling...teek hai. Not bad. I did not waste $5 but it would have been better on a DVD than in a theater.

You know there are certain movies that have to be watched in a theater. Like action movies or Rajnikanth movie. I say Rajnikanth movie only because of all the hungama and fun the people do before the movie starts and during the movie. Most of the time you will have to watch the DVD to figure out the parts you missed out because of excessive yelling or commenting but nevertheless it is fun. You will know what I am talking about when you see one. Even G was impressed. Which is why Rajnikanth is Super Star as all these cheers and fan clubs were started for him before anyone else ever had one.

I digressed. Sorry about that. Back to LAK...Saif looks old. Old enough to be Padukone's dad and he is trying very hard to look, sound and act cool. Sorry daddy, I can only see your age from the lines on your face. And D looks pretty and cute and please honey do not try sexy it is not becoming for you, and golly how emaciated you look. Anyway, both DP and SAK have done a very decent job at acting.

Rahul Khanna has been reduced to a joke. He was, when I was in college the coolest dude on TV and now he is doing small bits in movies with two line dialogues. I feel for you bro!

Catchy dialogues, decent songs, but the movie did not do it for me. It is definitely an average watch...if you like romanceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



P said...

very eloquent.
Saif sure did spoilt the movie by trying too hard!
As far D... she is not may be! She has the words but not the body language... her body language is way too proper to be seductive and her enunciation is flat!

As far as Rahul is concerned he has been reduced to an extra. Ironically, it wouldnt have mattered if he had some lead roles in movies otherwise!

I came out feeling... Damn... thats the last hindi movie I go to see in a theatre!
Esp. after Kambkat Ishq... that one was &$^@@%&*%!

vimmuuu said...

It was one helluva crap !! I just watched it last sunday !! and I dont understand how movies like this can become blockbusters !!!

As you said, Rahul Khanna was wasted. Remember that Anshuman guy of Jab We Met. Well, he had a meatier role in JWM than Rahul in this movie.

Kasi Alagappan said...

Been a long time since reading your last blog post. Was just browsing thru ur last couple of posts. So, is Chennai Talkies taking a hibernation that you've started writing reviews here?!? I liked Love Aaj Kal in bits and pieces, yeah not fully because the 2nd part I couldn't digest, well personally. Deepika falling in love with other guy and ditching him after wedding! Last week I saw another movie,Kaminey, I totally loved it!!! Feel like watching again, if it is still running in theatres in LA. Also let me wait for ur review.