Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Compliments and Me!

I suck at receiving compliments. I know some people who are really in control of the situation when someone throws a compliment their way and handle it all poised and nice...and then there is me. I say that because everytime I get a compliment I do one of the following or worse:

  • I blush, smile and avoid the person the rest of the day lest I burst the bubble that the person saw me through.
  • I say, "me? really? no way...you are not looking right, I actually have a flat nose"
  • or I say, "ya, but yours is better." and then get into an argument as to why I suck and go about proving it.
  • or I am surprised, shocked and look embarassed that someone noticed and complimented.
  • or I do something silly to make the person wonder why they ever told me anything at all.
Do any of you have that problem? Or is it just me??!!!



Prasanthi Neeladaran said...

DITTO! and I'vd had people tell me I need to receive compliments better.....Still no sign of getting the situation under control - LOL!

vimmuuu said...

LOL, I used to wonder too if theres anything wrong with me. I do the same !!! :D :D :D

shilpa said...

Haha I do all of the above with equal probability! I suck at taking compliments(maybe thats why I dont receive that many!)