Monday, July 23, 2007

Adavari Mataluke Arthale Verule (2007) - Telugu Movie Review

Ranking: 3.5/5

Cast: Venkatesh, Trisha, Kota, Srikanth, K Vishwanath
Director: Selvaraghavan
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

This is a typical Telugu family movie in which you know how the movie is going to end right from the start. It can definitely be viewed with family and is a mild entertainer. The clean nature of the movie and very minimal violence clubbed with some decent comedy and loaded with sentiment makes this movie a complete Indian movie.

Ganesh (Venkatesh), is a programmer by profession but is unable to secure a job for a very long time. He has no luck with interviews or exams as he has fear of taking exams and keeps failing one after another. His father (Kota) has decided that his son is useless and has resigned to taking care of him till he breathes his last...while Ganesh roams the city with his friends (Sunil and Srikanth)

But things change when Ganesh sees Kirthi (Trisha) for the first time. It so happens that she is also the exam invigilator and she motivates him to perform better and also speak in Group Discussions. But after securing employment Ganesh notices that Kirthi is not friendly towards him at all. So he tries his best to befriend her. They both travel to Australia together on a project and there he also proposes to her. Which she quickly rejects and they both come back to India with Ganesh carrying with him a broken heart.

Ganesh vents to his father who in turn decides to go and talk to Kirthi himself gets insulted by Kirthi in public. Next day Ganesh finds that his father had died of a broken heart. Ganesh decides to forget Kirthi and go with his friend Srikanth to his village for a short vacation to give himself a change of place. Srikanth is going back with his fiance, whom Ganesh has never met to get married with his entire family's blessing.

Ganesh, to his surprise and shocks finds out that Srikanth's fiance is none other than Kirthi and he has to spend the next few days in her presence. Kirthi also goes through similar emotions. Srikanth has a huge doting family and soon Ganesh blends into it. He manages to win the love of everyone but the grandfather and towards the end he does that too...

But Kirthi soon realizes that she is in love with Ganesh and wants to marry him. Will they go against her family? Will Ganesh hurt his friend and the new found family? What happens? Have you seen DDLJ? Well, then you know how such movies usually end!

To Venkatesh acting in such roles are a piece of cake. He has been there and done that several times. Trisha seems to have done better than before this time though I always feel that she is a bit of an overactor. Srikanth, once upon a time, a hero in South is now doing supporting roles but he has performed well in this movie. The rest of the huge family is just a load of emotions and overacting. Did annoy me a couple of times but overall such movies always get only so much out of actors.

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Kasi Alagappan said...

I watched AMAV a month or two back in videoduniya. A typical story, reminded me Bhadra (telegu movie *ing Ravi Teja). However, as you said, one knew the end from the begining.