Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I am back, I am back, I am back...Am I happy? I don't think so. I guess I am a little sad and my sadness keeps waning away.

The trip was a success on all grounds. I had great food (very important), good weather (raining but pleasant), wonderful marriage, little bit of shopping, and so on. Over the past 5.5 years many many changes have taken place...Now where can I start?

Chennai: Too many great developments and complaints too. Somethings made me proud while a few disappointed me. Irrespective of all those things Chennai still serves the greatest food for the best price. My dear friend Thameem might laugh at this but Saravana Bhavan still rocks. The barotta with kurma is still my favorite...I am already missing it.

Mumbai: Wow...The traffic, the crowd, the high rises, and the slums, all awed me to no end, or rather scared me...I do guess I have to accept that coming from Chennai I am a small Town girl. I was amazed to see slums co-exist peacefully next to big bungalows. Ya, before I forget the trains...Never in my life...Mark it...Never in my life have I seen eight trains in a row being filled to capacity and hear that all of them will be like that...I mean this was at 8 in the night for the love of God...In Chennai trains the peak hours are the most crowded and even during those times the Ladies Compartments are not filled to the brim (and hanging).

Anyhoo...Over the next few days I will write down as much as I can remember. Ideally I would have loved to write it like a diary but my inaccessibility to an internet center has made it impossible to do so.


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