Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Kanda Naal Mudhal (2005) - Tamil Movie Review

Ranking: 4.8/5.0

Cast: Prasanna, Karthik Kumar, Laila, Revathy, Lakshmi
Director: V. Priya
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

The music in this movie too did not do it for me. I thought for the first time, it was loud and garrish but I have to listen to it a couple more times before I make up my mind about it.

The story??? Amazing. Simple and Superb...simply superb. I mean why can't people in Bollywood make such movies? They have totally stopped doing that...All I see in Bollywood is NRI-aping movies that are neither funny, real, or interesting. But movies like Kanda Naal Mudhal (KNM) are rare and to be preserved...No vulgarity, clean dialogues, no double entendre's, can really be seen with family, totally feel good, and so on...Really, I felt fresh after seeing the movie. It did not tire me as it did not involve my brain to think, it did not bore me, there was comedy in the movie and not a separate track, and the actors really acted...What more can you ask for? Anyways before I forget let me review the movie...

Krishna (Prasanna) and Ramya (Laila) renew their twenty year old feud when they meet at a culturals only to fight again. Krishna's friend Arvind (Karthik Kumar) who refuses to marry lands up for 'ponnu-parthufying' at Ramya's house at Krishna's insistence. Even though Krishna was the sole reason for Arvind to accept the 'ponnu-parthufying,' Krishna did not know that it was Ramya they were going to meet. On seeing Ramya Krishna tries and explains to Karthik that Ramya is not a soft girl, that she is arrogant, head strong, etc. But Karthik decides that he needs a girl with some spirit and accepts the proposal.

Ramya trying to outdo Krishna tries and acts as if she is a very soft and meek girl thereby disillusioning Karthik who breaks the engagement before he leaves to USA again. Ramya gets angry at Krishna wrongly assuming that he was the reason behind the engagement breaking. Krishna trying to convince her otherwise gets entagled in her family issues and later emotionally with Ramya.

Karthik is coming from USA and now Ramya and Krishna are not sure what to do...For rest of the action watch the movie.

Prasanna has proved with Azhagiya Theeye that he has comic timing and he just reinstated it in this movie. He has done a very good job with no overacting. Sometimes I feel that another 'Mohan' is evolving out of him.

Karthik who had managed to irritate me with is tamil accent actually did not do that in this movie. I liked his acting too...Simple and in fact he suited the role of an NRI perfectly. Laila was cute as a button and played her part to perfection. All supporting artists have done the same. No over acting, no styles, nothing...Just edhartham...Simplicity. Nice job Priya...Hope you make many more good movies like this...But not the same though...

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