Friday, September 13, 2013

Ghanana Ghanana....and no Rain!

Each day I look at my dying yard, at my red oak that is almost no more. I think of ways to revive it and I cannot find many. With the strict watering rules, I try to hose them down at least twice a week because I would definitely at least want to save the tree...and then of course there is the natural way of doing it in some parts of the world..."Rain."

Well, reality check, I live in Dallas...could almost qualify for a desert...we get thunderstorms...not like in India where we get monsoons when the whole city/district/state is flooded for three weeks straight. Here it rains, pours, lightning, thunders, and then storms out too as soon as it came.

On Wednesday, I saw rain clouds forming over my head as I was driving home. I got hopeful, I know I am fifty miles away and it possibly wont rain at all in my part of the metroplex but I prayed and sang..."Ghanan my head...I saw all the right stuff, bijli (lightning), kale megha (black clouds), and even heard the Ghanan (thunder)...and the water came down pouring and cleaning my car. I was so happy...I called husband to rejoice with him. He stepped out and confirmed that the land outside our house was still parched, no clouds, and not a sign of rain...the tempo of the song slowed to the sad ending of the song in the movie in my head...
This happens every time. A few weeks ago, I was going to meet Girl Friend for dinner. She called and said, it is pouring over here...I popped out, the clouds seemed ominous...husband and daughter were sprawled out on the deck chairs taking a nap after a swim...I told them about the rains, hushed them in when husband said, "It is not going to rain here, you go ahead."

Got to the restaurant, the clouds were very dark still...but no rain, waited outside for friends, and still no rain. Friend came in after ten minutes and all the clouds were rain again at my house! Dang it!

Husband goes to NJ and visits my brother. He goes house hunting with my brother and calls me and tells, "with my limited knowledge I could see that houses in NJ do not have foundation issues."

Heck yeah! It friggin' rains there! Unlike Dallas!!! So I reminded him gently, "They have basement problems."

Husband said, "Well, at least they have a basement!"
Anyways, I guess for now, I am going to pray the red oak survives and that our neighborhood gets lashed with some good rain which does not bring with it other perils like tornadoes and such...

Until, then I will do an Amir Khan watching for rains and keep saying, "Dugna Laagan dena padega."


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