Monday, September 16, 2013

Aashiqui-2 - Hindi Movie Review

So someone who understands alcoholic should give me insight into what this movie is actually all about. I saw this movie Friday night and woke up Saturday morning seething in anger. What a waste of time, I had seen a movie that had no point. Pointless. Wasted wasted wasted!

I am pretty sure my anger is directed towards the director. Why would you make a movie that had no point? Why glorify drunk driving? Why show a drunk causing an accident on such a light note? Argh!

Anyways, the hero, RJ (Aditya Roy Kapoor) is an acclaimed singer who has lost interest in singing. He drives into Arohi (Shraddha) who sings at a bar to make a living. On hearing her voice and commitment he wants to make her his protege. Off, he swoops her back to Mumbai to make her into a famous singer...but our man is lost to the liquid love. They fall in love with each other but he refuses to sacrifice his drinking habit to save their love and her career. He falls into the throes of jealousy, begs for help, relapses into his old days. The movies runs pacelessly, while you are hoping that something good will come out of this mindless love.

I understand why the girl loves him, he got her out of poverty, gave her a career, etc. etc...but he is an alcoholic refusing to change. He is a mindless alcoholic. And then the movie ends...abrupt...I don't want to give away the story...but it is blah.

The songs are amazing. I loved every song but them I can hear even on the radio, why waste 2.5 hours watching mindless almost predictable story? For a moment when the movie started, I saw hope, I wrongfully assumed that he had a past love story which went sour making him bitter with life. Alas, no such hope, he is an alcoholic for the sake of being one...apparently such people exist. Oh well!

If you have absolutely nothing to do...still, avoid this movie.


Megha Bansal said...

the last line is the best ;)
dude 4 for 4! you're on a role.

Anu Russell said...

I know...i am trying to get back...i want to get disciplined about blog and all that...

Megha, if this blog site and blog does not get erased...imagine what fun it will be for our kids to read and see what their parents were like?