Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Nowadays for me, watching movies or TV has taken a backseat. When I say that, I wish to reiterate that while I still love watching TV or movies and spend ample hours doing so, I keep my phone next to me. If a game is slow or boring, my phone is turned on and I start reading about the players and the same for a movie.

While watching a movie, G and I have actually paused the movie mid stream to check who the actor is or what his background is, etc. Like the other day we were watching 'Milk,' an amazing movie if you have not seen it. I fell instantly head over heels in love with Milk's boyfriend Scott. I had no idea who he was, instant Wiki revealed James Franco to me. Of course, I missed the Oscars this year and I did not see 127 hours...so sorry. But James Franco it is...my latest celeb crush. So what if he turns out to be gay, not like we are going to be an item if we meet...

The other day, same thing, I am watching the MAVS game, simultaneously Wiki'ng about all the players. I now know where Barea is from, what JT's kids names are and whom J Kidd is going to marry. I had Wiki'd Nowitzki so long ago and I did not have to do that again.

So basically, as a movie, show, or game unfolds, I sit in front of the idiot box trying to gain some knowledge about the important players on the screen. I keep pouring in the newly gained knowledge to G and he also sometimes starts on his phone...at least we are still a conversational family :)



Megha Bansal said...

bublity bibility boo!!! (I don't know what that means..I just wanted to say it)

YOU DID'T KNOW WHO JAMES FRANCO IS?? (like issko PSPO nahin pata).
Don't you remember Spidey and his arch enemy ??? ANU..... I no wait..WE (G n I) have been in love with JF since who knows when. He did his UG in like 2 years and is currently enrolled in PhD at some ivy league. Plus, hes taking up acting jobs all the freaking time, if someone knows how to make use of 24 hours, it's him!

Anu Russell said...

And you think I dont know about him now? I mean I am crushing...so duh! i know everything including he might teach in U of Houston...maybe I should go and enroll...WTF right?

Might as well have fun while doing boring things :)

JF is amazingly cute and I am pissed that Pinto has acted in a movie with him.

Nitin Vaswani said...

same here.......the smartphone is the idiot box of the 21st century!.more enchanting than TV, lappy and home theatre put together

Ritvik Gautam said...

I couldn't have agreed more. I still remember the day when there was a blackout for the wikipedia website.

debajyoti said...

i do the same. i go from one link to another on wiki. what i love most is the old photographs of some forgotten city or information about some historical place. unfortunately i cannot remember anything for more than 5 minutes :D

Anu Russell said...

I agree...what we read is very fleeting...i am not sure if the the smart phones are making us any smarter...i have for sure shorter attention span as well as retention now.