Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Swim Class

Dear Babs,

So yesterday, o3/23/2010, you and I Babs went for your first ever swim class. You had fallen down and hurt your face very badly. Your lower lip was swollen and your right side of the face was entirely bruised but you were raring to go and so was I.

Backstory a bit before we proceed to your class...I wanted to tell you that I have had your swim bag packed for a month and half now. Everytime I wanted to take you, something or the other went wrong. You fell sick, we did not have the car at home, bad weather, etc, etc, on Mar 23, when your first class started, I did not want to miss it at all.

There we were at your class, in your pretty yellow swim suit and you wanted to jump in the minute you saw the water and other kids in their classes. It took a whole lot of me to hold you back but we still got in before your class started and got reprimanded for it along with a couple of other parents.

You were good, you got horizontal on water and loved to do the float (yes, I was holding you) and you also loved to kick your feet and then pull your leg up to your face to see that it was still there. You also threw your toy and tried to chase it...the only being my daughter is as ticklish as I am and you did not let me hold you at your tummy and wanted to be held at your shoulder...which was kept looking at me and laughing and telling me, "don't touch my lollajatta!!!" (lolla jatta - babspeak for tummy!)

We were going around the pool and you were having such a good time that when the class got over and we had to leave the pool, you were not happy at all. Your first swim class was a success in spite of your injury.

I am raring to do it again and this time papa might also join us. Amma needed tons of help with changing you back to normal clothes.

And yesterday I learnt that I had something called Pecs in my body, having not been inside a gym in a year and with so little exercise I had forgotten that I had certain muscles in my body, but after being in the pool with you for half hour they hurt and I could feel them and remember them once again. Thanks :)

Until next class...

Your Amma

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Sum said...

Awwww... Soooo cuteee....