Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another year in my life

Another year in the days that make my life just ran past me and really, it just feels like yesterday when I was single and ready to mingle!! But now, all matured and feeling older...definitely older, I celebrated in the way people people who get tired past 10.30pm do.

On 21st night, G and I went out with Babs and a couple of friends to our favorite restaurant, Maggiano's for dinner. We went in 10 minutes before they shut down and boy what a fab service we received. I was super touched and a bit drunk and and very happy and of course giggly when we got home.

By the time I got Babs tucked in her bed it was almost 11.30pm. I walked out to see G ready with the program "Life" paused to start when I got out. So we started watching it and then at 12.00am he wished me, and I was all like, "yay." My friends called me and I was again super "yay." Then we continued seeing the first episode of "Life" before we hit the sack.

What I forgot to tell you is that it had snowed on Sat-Sun and Sunday morning G told me that we should go for a drive before the snow melts away. We went to my fav bakery inside this Korean Store and picked up a Mocha cake. A thing that I am sure most of my friends have not done in the last few years...I mean, pick up their own birthday cake. The whole "Surprise" Birthday is big time in fashion as of this minute in our circle. I also picked up a tiny heart shaped chocolate cake for me.

The idea was, I would cut a cake at 12.00am (the small one) and the big one with Babs around...but when it was time to cut the cake, both G and I felt so super stuffed that we decided to give it a miss. That cake is still in my fridge and I am lusting for it as I type this.

On 22nd, I missed all the calls that I received from family and friends because I had my phone in the silent mode :(. So, I called them and got wished/blessed and the day moved on without a hitch.

Evening I picked Babs up, we played for an hour in the park, then we went to another park where you were on the swing for about 20 minutes and then headed home. G came home late from work but we made it to the Chinese restaurant called May Dragon in Addisson which we have never tried. It was good :) We Likey!

Got back home, cut the cake, Wa-La came home for a short time and left and then we all slept, even before my birthday ended, which was a first, but all of us were super tired...see, I told you, I am old!

But my birthday celebration continues because I am meeting my friends from my old office tomorrow and I will be meeting my friends for dinner one of the days this week! So yay!



Megha Bansal said...

happy bday, older and wiser anu :)
where is my budday treat?
reading this post..i am craving for some chocolaty goodness !!!

Suchi said...

Happy Birthday Anu!

Sum said...

Hey! Belated Happy Birthday!