Monday, April 27, 2009

What am I?

So I was walking back into our office building. There was a Desi gentleman who might have been more than 50 walking near the entrance. He stopped me and asked me if I was from India. I said yes. And bang, the next question came to me in Telugu, "Which part of Andhra? Hyderabad?"

And I was responded back in Telugu saying, "Nope, but a Telugu from Chennai."

We spoke a few moments, now he knows my lineage and all that and then I said bye. That got me thinking. Do I look Telugu today that this gentleman switched over to Telugu without even knowing if I was one?

Because yesterday I was at Gurudwara in my salwar suit and head covered and all that and was sitting outside the shrine waiting for G to come back from praying when an Old lady sitting beside me started talking in Punjabi. I understood the key words and responded back to her in Hindi. Then she asked me which Jilla I was from. I told her from Bombay, just to avoid confusion. But the old lady did not get it that I was not Punjabi and she continued to chatter away in Punjabi commenting she knew I was not from Punjab because of my accent. And I was left to wonder, do I sound Punjabi? Do I look like one without bindi and my head covered?

So yesterday was my day to look Punjabi and today is my day to look Golt...what is in store for tomorrow...God only knows...

The Golti ART


vimmuuu said...

So what are you ?? LOL. Tomorrow someone from outer space would come down and ask you the same question? and btw, do you know their language ???

vimmuuu said...

Btw, Im blogrolling you !

Anu Russell said...

hahaha!!!Not yet but are they offering any courses anywhere?? Maybe I should get prepared...and do I look like someone from outer space...ooopsy!!!

Prasanthi Neeladaran said...

Mallu maybe? LOL!