Friday, April 27, 2007

Stalin (2006) - Telugu Movie Review

Ranking: 2/5

Cast: Chiranjeevi, Trisha, Kushboo, Prakash Raj, Sharadha Urvasi
Director: A. R. Murugadoss
Music: Mani Sharma

Stalin, a role played by Chiru brings nothing in the form of story/direction/screenplay or action. It is the same old story of good vs. evil where the hero is invincible. Well what do you expect? It is a Chiru movie...

Stalin lives with his widowed mom and a couple of friends who hang around his house all the time. His sister Kushboo lives with her Punjabi husband and son in the same building as the heroine Trisha. Stalin's mom and sister are not in talking terms as she married out of religion and region, but Stalin keeps the family glued together.

Stalin apart from beating goos up also does a lot of social service. In the same line he starts a plan where he would ask everyone he helps not to thank him but to help three other people like he did. This way the goodness and helpful nature of people will spread. But to his dismay he notices that none of the people he helped are following his request.

Enter villain (Riaz Khan)...trying to be mean to some one in the street and Stalin bashes him up. Riaz being the son of a powerful minister Prakash Raj goes and whines to his daddy. His dad then takes it up as an insult and the tug-of-war starts between Stalin and Prakash's family where Riaz looses his life...and so many more drama situations take the end the hero winning...of course all the people he helped also help three other people to show that the system worked...ya right!

All in all, a very average movie. Could have been done better by making it simple instead of making Chiru the larger than life image...uprooting trees and all that...What BS?!! I wish we could stop showing such nonsense in Indian movies all it a Chiru movie or a Rajni movie.

There was a heroine in this movie...and somehow my review does not talk about her...hmm...well that shows what impression Trisha's role will have on you. Imagine a 21 year old girl dancing with a visibly old Chiru...I mean I cannot see any chemistry between them...and it just looks child molesting or something...I wish we would stop doing this too...why can't Chiru act with a heroine his age? Why does he need the hottest girl in town to be his heroine? Damn it! verdict...Don't waste your time if you haven't seen it yet.

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