Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bomarillu (2006) - Telugu Movie Review

Ranking: 3/5

Cast: Siddarth, Genelia, Prakash Raj, Jayasudha, Kota Srinivasa Rao
Director: Bhaskar
Music: Devi Sri Prasad

This is a superhit movie but I have only ranked it 3/5 because I could not digest many of the things in the movie. I have a couple of questions:

1) Would any sane guy fall in love with a girl like Hasini whose mental development equals that of a 5 year old? I am sure the director wanted to make her look cute but did he have to make her look retarded to get that effect?

I have known friends who have been raised by single parent and none of them behave even remotely like this.

2) Does Siddhu fall in love with Hasini only to rebel against his father and for no other good reason?

Anyways getting to the story. Siddhu (Siddarth) is the son of a wealthy businessman (Prakash Raj) who is very interfering in his children's life not knowingly. He keeps his family on a tight leash but at the same time showers love and affection on them which keeps his family from rebelling on him outright. But Siddhu is different and he understands the difference between father love with freedom and fatherly love without freedom. Siddhu cannot even cut his hair or wear a shirt to his preference. His father interferes with everything.

To the extent of interfering with his son's marriage too. Siddhu at first likes the girl when he sees her but then realizes that the girl is also raised like him, dominated by her father which makes him run far away from her. His life is full of conflicts, on one side he wants to rebel his father and on the other he wants to do what is right. He keeps fighting his emotions everyday until he meets Hasini (Genelia) at a temple one day. He befriends her and they start falling in love with each other. Siddhu likes her childlike quality and her innocence along with her independence.

Trouble erupts when Siddhu's father finds out about their love. Siddhu requests his father to let Hasini stay with them for a week and if his father has a good reason for not liking her than he would marry the girl of his father's choice. His father accepts the deal and Hasini moves in after lying to her father about her whereabouts.

Does Hasini impress Siddhu's parents? Do Hasini and Siddhu get along well after living under the same roof for seven days? Ya ya ya...watch the movie...

The story is pretty simple. Through the movie I had the deja vu feeling. Siddarth is young and handsome and acts really well in most scenes. Though some of the scenes seem like a little overdone. Genelia, I guess did what the director asked her to do. Not much of a choice for her but pretty face indeed. She can still pass off more as a school kid than a college student. Prakash Raj does his usual stuff. It feels like he is the Amitabh Bachan of South. You can see him in pretty much every Tamil and Telugu movie.

The movie is worth one watch for sure. It carries the freshness element and the feel good factor which is always welcome when we are trying to get away from reality. Anyways enjoy write to me if you felt anything different from my view.


Kasi Alagappan said...

Good review starting with a different (and very much valid) note :)Yes, there were these undigestable things like Confused guy falling for a Kiddo, overdone emotions etc.Otherwise, Songs were good.

Tifossi said...

Hey I think the main highlight of the movie was to bring out how parents in India restrict their childs freedom just in the pretext of making their life better..Any parent who would have watched the movie would surely think again before forcing something on his child.The way Sid confronts his dad towards the end and esp when he says " I have been losing for 27 years to make you win" arte commendable aspects..
Hey Avi here btw..

Anu Russell said...


I agree...that our parents try to make decisions for us...but very few parents are like Prakash Raj. I don't recall any of the ppl I knew who had similar problems like Siddhu. But it is also the decisions of our parents that keep us from straying aside like kids in other countries...

At a young age many ppl will not know how to use freedom efficiently. Our parents just guide and teach us to do so...once you are married and settled...it is your life.