Friday, December 29, 2006

The year that was...2006!!! was busy as hell...we were doing something or the other every weekend. I remember very few weekends when we sat home doing nothing. Not only where the weekends busy but so were many week days!!! I have shared most of experience in my blog which is now a year old!!! So read on and if possible relive

So we did a lot of firsts this time around!!! And here is a list of few that I can write off the top of my head...

  • Went to Abhijeet's show and saw it from front row
  • We went to a Stand-up comedy show - Russell Peters
  • Visited Canada and Niagara from the Canadian side
  • Went to the Rockstars concert and saw it from the sixth row with V.I.P passes
  • Was there when the Strings came forming the only India crowd in the auditorium thus creating attention!!!
  • Moved into a two-bedroom apartment
  • Saw Atif perform live
  • My friend got married!!! You know who you are!
  • Was there at Anand sucked but I was there!
  • Was there at the Diwali sucked too...
  • Was there for the Indian Ocean concert and got to meet them after the show too...
  • My friend opened for Indian Ocean and it was their first professional performance...Brilliant
  • Was there at a MAVS pre-season game...first time
  • Saw Dallas Stars (Ice Hockey) loose in a pro-game, again first time
  • Went to a quasi Baseball game
  • Went to a pro Baseball game...Texas Rangers sucked!
  • Went to London!!! It absolutely rocked!
  • Ate Ethiopian food and have decided never to do it again!
  • Performed Bharatanatyam for the first time on stage after one year training! Fun Fun Fun!
So, now I am ready to face 2007 eagerly awaiting the surprises and challenges it has in store for me as I totally enjoyed myself in 2006!!!

Happy New Year to everyone reading this blog!!!


Megha Bansal said...

wow! lots of firsts!! very eventful year! hope 2007 is more exciting, more exhilarating with more things to do and places to see and challenges to face and overcome!
in my case my wedding was of course the biggest thing for me! thank u so much for being a part of it and being there still!
Happy New Year!!!!

Mukund said...

a very Happy New Year to you too :)