Monday, July 17, 2006

With Moving Comes Many Changes

So we finally moved into a two bedroom apartment this weekend. It has been a year and half long search and finally we settled in something we both liked...By Friday I had parceled 50% of the old apartment into Dell monitor and CPU boxes and waited for all our friends aka Packers and Movers to come. There were seven of us, three girls and four dudes. The dudes started moving the heavy things out of the way and we girly's started packing the rest of the junk into more boxes and of course into the unending supply of garbage bags. We were done close to 2.00am in the morning. All of us were tired, various body parts hurting, all muscles we did not know existed hurt but we were done half way through.

The next day (Saturday) we met again at 5.00pm and cleaned the house spotless and then also packed the rest of the junk and mini irritating things that never find a box till the last minute and finished our move close to 11.30 or 12.00am...A quick and a fun filled dinner at Dennys and I realized for the second time that day that my calves were killing and I could not walk if I sat down for a long time. But I limped out happily because we had moved out.

Unable to see the boxes lying around in the house and knowing very well that we were in no physical position to unpack we decided to ignore the mess and stay with friend's that night (ya the same Packers and Movers).

Sunday was totally relaxing, my leg felt much better but was still limping, all our friends had a bruise here and a cut there and an ouch here and a ooh there...But we were done...For now :)

I want to thank the eight friends who came down to help us through the ordeal called moving. You guys are the absolute best! I would also like to thank all our friends who offered to help but we told them to chill as we already had eight of us working...Plus Dodo who was our very source of entertainment till the last stinking minute of the move...

Till the next move, which I think is on July 30st, This Packers and Movers group shall rest! Thank you!


Megha Bansal said...

It was a fun wkend Anu, all of us could be together and have a party!...And the dinner u guys treated us to, was sumptuous!

Looking forward to the next move now..esp since Rama will becoming an Irvite!

Your Vakil said...

I can understand all the effort that went into the move, especially since I've had the experience of moving every 3-4 years!! Good luck to u guys at the new place :)