Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Long Weekend - 4th of July

Well for me it was a long weekend as we had Monday (the 3rd) off too...Unfortunately most of my friends and my hubby had to work and so I was stuck with no viable plans! The fours days flew away so fast that I do not remember what happened and when but I will try my best to recount the memories.

Friday evening I got home and baked a cake and a pizza and took it over to The Den for dinner. All our friends were there and we had a great time there till about 2.00 in the morning. Got back home and had a nice long sleep.

Saturday evening I went off to meet a few of my college juniors and a senior who were in town for the long weekend and we chilled out at the Parks at Legacy till 11.00pm. Later my hubby called to tell me that my dear darling Megha wanted us in her house pronto. So we rushed to reach there around 1.00am to be yelled at by Megha and Sammy for being late...It was all in good humor...We sang old Hindi songs till 3.30am and left for home. England got kicked out of Football by Portugal!

Sunday we woke up and left to The Den once again with our swimming gear and tennis gear packed this time. All of us played tennis, I ran the track with Dodo (the cutest poodle) and then with Megha and Kaps too...We were all tired sick when we decided to soak in the pool for half hour. Later we cooked some kick ass Dal and potatoes with rice and dinner was taken care of. Once more spent time doing TP before heading home with Dodo...Yes. Dodo spent the night with me and my hubby. It is almost ten years since a dog stayed with me. We were so excited. He was the cutest dog and did not bother us a wee bit. We took Dodo home with us because Megha was working Monday and he could be with me for company as I was home alone.

I did some packing (as we are moving in two weeks) and some cleaning and laundry while Dodo followed me everywhere. I also cooked lunch and Sammy joined me for lunch at home. We played some more with Dodo and Watched a Federer game during lunch and I took a short nap before which Masta and Giri were back home from work. I have to mention that Dodo was a pleasure to have and I really started to miss Roger (my dog). Kudos to Megha for raising him so well...So after Megha picked Dodo up Sammy, Giri, Masta, and I played Basketball till we could not move. A quick shower and some TP before we headed out to Addison to watch the Fireworks but we got there an hour late and were struck in traffic returning from watching it. So we had dinner at some Mexican restaurant and then walked through Addison Circle before returning home and doing more TP.

Tuesday, the last day of my four day long vacation, started around 12.00pm when we woke up, got ready, ate, and left to The Den to watch Italy defeat Germany (*sulk**sulk*). Then Megha , Dodo and Kaps joined us and we walked to see the Fireworks at WilliamSquare which was about a mile one way...Unfortunately for us, it had been raining the whole week, and due to some technical glitch, the fireworks lasted only 10 minutes. Frustrating that we had to walk a mile back home in the sultry weather and all the effort for just ten minutes of fireworks! Very sad...But nevertheless we had loads of fun during the walk to and fro!

And that bought and end to the fun days and now we are all sitting in our respective offices cribbing about our back-to-work schedule...


Megha Bansal said...

Now I know what we did in the week-end , looks like i had also forgotten lots of it!

u guys rock, both of u...for helping out with dodo!!
and i am gg to make e'one read the comment abt my parenting dodo!!! hahaha....
i cant pick my best part of the sure was lots of fun...

Anjaan said...

What a life!