Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Uyir (2006) - Tamil Movie Review

Ranking: 2.5/5

Cast: Srikanth, Sangeetha, Samvritha
Director: Samy
Music: Joshua Sridhar

Have you seen Aasai? Remember that Ajith (young and handsome) and Suvalakshmi movie that introduced Prakash Raj as an amazing villain? With beautiful music (lifted of course) by Deva? Remember all that? Then do not waste time watching this movie...Because this is nothing but an x-ray image of Aasai...

Sundar moves in with his brother's family that comprises of his brother, sister-in-law Arundathi (Sangeetha) and their little daughter. Sundar is very close to all three of them. Although Sundar reveres Arundathi a lot, Arundathi lusts for Sundar who is unaware of it.

Sundar drops his niece at school everyday and he meets his girlfriend Anandi (Samvritha) there. When his brother gets to know about their relationship he is very excited about the same. But his brother commits suicide soon afterward due to some problems at work. Now Sundar is tied to taking care of his brother's family as Arundathi and her daughter have nowhere to go.

Arundathi keeps Anandi at bay by doing everything possible from her side. She tries her best to break Sundar's relationship with Anandi while subtly hinting to Sundar about her love for him. Anandi warns Sundar about his conniving Sister-in-Law but nothing comes out of it.

What happens to Sundar and Anandi? Does Arundathi succeed in foiling their love? All the questions form the rest of the story.

I like Srikanth. I think he is a bundle of talent and energy although he does not get good roles to play. All the movies he has chosen in the last year have been just passable. This one is no exception. I sometimes wish he would not jump around too much...

Samvritha...She is not heroine material. All you can notice is that she is not pretty and has a huge squint! Which does not add to screen presence at all. She should seriously consider applying for other jobs.

Sangeetha...She made a point about her acting in Pithamagan...She is good. But some of the expressions she makes in the movie look funny...She needs to check on a mirror before getting them on the role. Also she needs to loose weight else she will be shelved for roles like anni or akka only.

On the whole the movie is watchable but Aasai was way more gripping and believable than this movie. Lot of things Arudathi tries to do are plain stupid. I am sure a smart person can come up with real workable ideas to break up a couple...But watch it once when you have run out of all your "fun" options!


SATYA said...

hey the movie is damn boaring and it is really a big waste of tie nothing is entertaining in the film and the screenplay is is alos not that appealing....i wonder why people make such movies

Anu Russell said... too wonder why make ordinary fares???

Kasi Alagappan said...

yeah Sangeeta's histrionics were indeed funny - apparently 'trying' a mishmash of nilaambari and chandramukhi!
Uyir deserves 2.5, a just pass!
PS: I added Parijatham as a sequel post to my review wagon. Bommarillu (telugu) and Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu are gonna materialise soon!

Ram said...

Was thinking of seeing this one but thanks to this review, won't do so as I have other 'fun' options. Cheers!

Anu Russell said...

Kasi and Ram...thanks for visiting...

Anonymous said...

Yes n especially watch when u come home for lunch and have to kill time somehow ;)

Anu Russell said...

anon...ya machi...the dal rice was sooper though ;)