Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Kalaba Kathala (2006) - Tamil Movie Review

Ranking: 4/5

Cast: Arya, Renuka Menon, Akshaya
Director: Igor
Music: Niru

This movie is the remake of Vali using a lady-villain or villainess...In Vali it was Ajith versus Ajith and here it is Arya versus Akshaya...Anyhoo the story...

Arya marries Renuka Menon from a small village and moves her to Chennai where he works as a software engineer. Arya is a very romantic person and both him and wife live very happily. Renuka has a sister, Akshaya, who comes to Chennai to get her degree in multimedia and stays with the cute couple...

Akshaya starts falling in love with Arya...She starts to fantasize him and decides that she is going to ask him to marry her...Very bold indeed. Hearing this Arya gets angry and advises her to leave for her village...But Akshaya threatens Arya with life. She tries her best to seduce him but Arya stays away from her. There are few dialogue exchanged with sugar coating between Arya and Akshaya in front of Renuka who is now pregnant.

Enter villain, Akshaya's cousin who is a rowdy but deeply in love with Akshaya...He chases Akshaya in Chennai and threatens to kidnap her...To know what happens from here on you need to watch the movie...Does Akshaya marry the villain, or does she marry Arya, or does Renuka get a whiff of what is happening in her house? Suspense!

I checked many websites and everyone had bad reviews for this movie...But I gave it a 4/5...Because I appreciated a couple of things...First...Arya's acting...I was prejudiced that Arya might be too young to carry the role of a married working man...But he did it with elan and it was very impressive indeed. Second, I liked the acting of Akshaya...Very impressive for a debut. Renuka Menon could have acted a little less childish but she was okay...Also the movie is very fresh...there is subtle comedy and no separate comedy track...suspense...I liked the screenplay and direction...very fast and not many slow moments.

The movie had enough romance and suspense factor towards the end and also the ending was very impressive...As much as I felt bad it was probably the best way to end the movie...

If you think that this movie sucked let me know why...

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Anonymous said...

Yes! The movie sucked. Can you change it for me....Ah. The concept was bold, new; but not cherishable. I think some scenes in the movie should have been deleted (so that children can also watch it).