Thursday, December 28, 2017

Glu with the Umlaut!

We were going from 70 degrees into 20 degrees F. It was a big difference, especially if you are suddenly transported from whatever weather to winter wonderland. We were dressed very warm and yet, it was not good enough. After seeing the Hohenshwangau Castle we had a small break. We went to the nearest restaurant and gorged on the yummiest squash soup ever and bread. We ate to kill the cold, runny noses and almost frost bitten digits.

We were almost thawed when we had to rush to take the horse carriage ride up the mountains to Neuschwanstein castle. One friend said the golden words in front of the waitress who spoke very little English and another friend translated it, "I wish we had some hot wine for the trip."

Tada! We had five coffee cups with lids filled with hot wine...or Glu (with the umlaut) wine in our hands. Our hands felt warmer as we climbed up the trail smelling horse poop while watching the most breathtaking views from up the Alps. We drank the hot drink that went down our throats warming us up inside out.

I craved to have more but the trip was short and we were out of Germany. I have traveled a bit in the last few years and I always come back with something I really love and a need to recreate it at home. We tried out Glu Wine at home on Xmas Eve and it was fantabulous. One thing to remember is that it is sweet with spices and sugar so it can be super heady. Also, one glass should carry you through the night.

Glu-ing ART
Looking forward to the New Year 2018!
With the Glu in our hands in the Horse Carriage!

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