Thursday, October 13, 2016

Just Wondering...

Recently, someone in our neighborhood did something wrong...for example say, cutting lane while driving. It always frustrates me when people do that to me when I am driving. I sometimes honk, show them the finger, or abuse them, depending on my mood and that is that. I forget about it after a few minutes.

When I drive back home from work, there is this particular red light for a left turn which takes forever. The line is very long, extends all the way back into the highway sometimes. A lot of people try to take the right lane and then merge left closer to the light. This simple act delays the rest of us waiting in line patiently, very frustrating. I have let people cut in several times and in a few occasions have been the annoying person myself. My apologies. The point is, we all make mistakes while driving, some knowingly while most are just bad judgement. We have to give others the benefit of doubt because we have also been in similar situations.

Now imagine bad driving experience happening in your neighborhood, where you might bump into the person on a social occasion, or at school. So you cannot show the finger, or abuse, or honk, you have to politely let it slide, show restraint. With some people that does not happen. They took this person, the line cutter, to task. They posted it on Facebook, our community page, and not just that, there is a photo too, with license plate and all.

I put myself in that driver's position. There could be 1000 reasons why I could have chosen to do the bad deed, putting little school walking kids in danger. None of them could be justifiable. But what the Facebook poster do is single me out. She tried to say that I was the only offender of the sort in the world and she has never done anything close to it while driving. She chose to ridicule me at the cost of my privacy and my children's safety. She assumed that posting it there and having 40 other people abuse me, bash me and call me names are acceptable and did not stop to realize that she was bullying another mother who's kid might also be in the same school.

When I saw the post, I was so angry. I was so angry with the FB poster. I wondered how women in their effort to sound self-righteous can become callous. The poor lady was in tears, angry, embarrassed, and everything else. I am disappointed to see my neighbors behave this way. FB community page is for information sharing not for venting out personal vendetta's.

I am out of FB to keep my sanity, to stop wasting my time on the videos and gif's and meme's. I only checked message if they were from the communities I am a part of or from a few friends but I completely stopped responding to any messages or randomly liking things only to not hurt another person's feelings. Now I feel liberated...well, at least until I read such stupidity and get upset about. What horrible people would bully an adult woman and gang up on her! Ugh! With all technology we still remain stuck to our pettiness.

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