Friday, April 04, 2014

Kalyana Samayal Sadham (Tamil Movie)

There is a time in life when you are a teenager and all you remember is dressing up and rushing with your parents from one wedding to another. There are times you wish you had not been invited. The endless smiling and acknowledging headnods to people you do not remember and mixing up names from the wedding you were at last night. The politics, the egos, the dresses, the jewelry and the comparisons, I could have done without. What I would have missed out on and still miss is the food. Each wedding competes at adding better food to their menu, the service, and just the smell of Kalayana Samayal...hmmm....there is a memory and a tune associated with this experience. The tune?? of course, the nadaswaram music. Aha! Besh Besh!

When I heard the title of this Tamil movie, I thought it would be all about the South Indian wedding, the dresses, the drama, and damsel in distress. How wrong was I? Like totally. 

This was the freshest of the fresh movies I have seen in a while. A movie dealing with a sensitive topic but handled so beautifully and in a mature way. Fussy girl gets engaged to a straight forward boy. Both fall in love in their pre-wedding phase and decide to do"it." While they are at it, they realize that the boy has a problem, yes, erectile dysfunction. This topic could have not been handled in a better way than this movie has. It is funny, silly, serious, and sensitive. There is a message and it is conveyed with maturity. The boy is vulnerable, the girl is sensible, and together they mature with their love. 

even if you cannot understand Tamil, you should see this movie with subtitles, or come over, and I can be your subtitles :)

And this is how good entertainment should be.

Happy ART

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