Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wise Up Papa!

G picks Babs at her baby-sitter's house.

B: Papa will you take me to your office now?
G: No Babbi, they do not allow small girls in my office. *G thinks, I am smart, avoided that one. Phew!*

She is silent for most of the drive. Then suddenly she goes of into a monologue about her swimming skills.

B: I did the dumb bell, I did the board. Amma did not come with me into the pool. I went in by self.
G: Oh nice! You have become a big girl.
B: But Papa you said I was a small girl.
G: When? *G completely forgot about the previous discussion*
B: When I told you I wanted to go to your office.
G: Well, you will always be a small baby for me. *G Feels smart once again*

A few more minutes of silence and they arrive home. As G unbuckles her from the seatbelt Babs puts her hands up to G and asks him,

B: Carry me Papa.
G: You have to walk. You are a big girl now. *Once again he has forgotten what he had said a few minutes ago*
B: But Papa, you just said that I will always be a small baby for you? I know you said it Papa!

G lost all his arguments that day! :)

Love you both
Amma :)


Uday Khambadkone said...

Wow! Babs is super smart. I loved your narration too, Anu. Keep it coming. Thanks for sharing

Megha Bansal said...

omigosh!!! babs can actually make G quiet!!!
go babbi!!!

very cute and smart :)

Anu Russell said...

Ya G is made to shut up by Babs many times!!! She has a quick one for him always!

Thanks Uday :)

Nitin Vaswani said...

there is no feeling more gratifying than seeing your daughter getting the better of you.
ask often in those shoes :)

Sum said...

Ha ha!! Smart!