Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Four Years Later...

Four years ago I wrote this post after watching the sport Curling on TV during winter Olympics. Since then I have matured. I have understood and actually started enjoying many of the events. Unfortunately Curling is not one of them. Just because some sport has been played since 1600 does not mean it should be included. If that is the case then so should running and catching and four corners be a part of the regular Olympics.

G and I never miss a single day. The only other event that really bores me is Luge. I am really sorry for the 21 year old Georgian Nodar Kumaritashvili who passed away on a training run. Luge is plain dangerous and from where I see it is more of a test for daring than of athletic abilities.

I really wonder how it can be interesting to see 20 people go down the Luge track one after the other and find out who won by a fraction of a few seconds. And if I am totally not paying attention to details, someone please point them out and direct in the right path so I shall show more respect to sports of this nature.


PS: I want to have hopscotch to be included in Olympics...obviously it is more international than many of the other Olympic sport...and is also historical and we will have a whole contingent from India for a change.

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Suchi said...

Good God Anu! It's like you were evesdropping on my conversation today. I had the exact same conversation with a co-worker - both about curling and luge. I agree :)