Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Please leave my country alone!

No matter where I live, India will always be my homeland. Nothing is going to change that.
No matter how much I complain, crib and moan about things there, deep in my heart I am going to love it nevertheless.

I rarely tend to complain about places I visit...I always appreciate and respect that it might not be my motherland, it is someone else's and I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings just like mine gets hurt every time someone tells something about India or Chennai.

Anyhoo, the recent bomb blasts over last weekend has really scared me. 17 bombs exploded in a matter of 70 minutes in Ahmedabad and a few more in Bangalore and in Jaipur. Mind you these were serial blasts...At least 50 people were killed and many injured...

And then you also read about the fighting going on in the border up in the mountains again this week, you wonder why India cannot be left alone. As such we are blighted with enough internal corruption and stupid politics...now these issues only complicate things for a country that is trying hard to move forward.

I hope we find out who the culprit is...who is motivating the culprits and punish them and give the country a chance that it truly deserves...


Venkatesh Prabhu. J said...

:) You make me your fan every time, again and again! Hows Sanju kutty? I started blog'n too! jvprabhu.blogspot.com
Please write your comments if you have time! I appreciate constructive criticism! ;)

Venkatesh Prabhu. J said...

One of the blasts in front of my office near Malya hospital shook us up. Moments before is when I returned from the Customs office with an unbearable-intolerable-ire and frustration because of a customs officer(a lady inspector) who demanded a bribe of 10% of my import from CA. My sister sent me some gift with love, and I eagerly waited 2 weeks, finally had to undergo such ugly beings who should be erased off this planet. She threatned me saying that if I dont bribe her, she will declare the mail as commercial and declare a 30% duty. I agreed to pay a 30% duty and chopped her demand. I did my best! Humilated her to my heartly satisfaction before my friends and her colleagues! After such a disgusting afternoon, I reached office around 2PM to hear a blast around my office.

I had a sense of fear, anger, intolerance to the cause etc etc. I wanted to write it the same day, but had no space in my mind. After I read your blog, I felt a sense of gratification. Thanks 'ka :)