Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mozhi (2007) - Tamil Movie Review

Ranking: 4.5/5

Cast: Prithviraj, Jyothika, Prakash Raj, Swarnamalya, Brahmanandam
Director: Radha Mohan
Music: Vidyasagar

A brilliant story. Must watch! Great casting, music, acting, directing, screenplay, etc. A fresh movie after a long time in Tamil. I am glad that it might be made in Hindi too...

Karthik (Prithviraj) and Viji (Prakash Raj) are good friends working in the music industry as keyboard players. Both of them are single. Karthik believes in love at first sight when the lights will go on, the bells will ring, so on and so forth...and true to it he falls in love with Jyothika the very first time he sees her. And to his luck she lives in the same apartment complex where Karthik just moved into.

When he finally gets to talk to her he realizes that she is deaf and mute. Karthik does not see it and he knows that he will be in love with her regardless of her disabilities. With the help of her friend Sheela, Karthik learns sign language and does everything guys do to impress girls. Finally he expresses his love for her which gets rejected...

The rest of the story narrates how he wins her back...Prakash Raj and Swarnamalya also play a very important role in the movie. Actually, there is no character in the movie that is useless. Everyone is there for a reason and the comic narrative style of the movie is a highlight. Even the sad moments are not totally sad but have a degree of humor in them.

If you have not seen this one yet...then you are loosing out on one of Tamil industry's gems.

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