Thursday, March 29, 2007

I was a negative optimist as far as WC2007 went. From the very begining I kept telling all my friends that India will surely disappoint us but inside I was hoping that I will be the one disappointed. I was portraying a negative outlook with an optimistic insight...but then our country did not do much to keep my faith. In just three games all my outward wisdom came true and at the same time crushing my inward hopes.

Anyways pointing fingers now is useless. We all know that something drastic needs to be done if we even want to slightly revive the glory of Indian cricket.

Anyways, my friends wedding was a success. We had a ball. From our hairdos to our dresses and foot thumping music and food, it was all festive and memorable. For me, it was my first American wedding and I certainly enjoyed it a lot. And this was the day India lost to Bangladesh too! March 17, 2007!

Finished reading Shantaram. A big book. Really could have been much shorter. I am only angry with the author for using/misusing our country for all the illegal acts he names. He cannot justify in anyway (not that he is trying to) all the wrongdoings he committed while taking illegal refuge in India. I seriously think now that I should have waited for the 2 hour movie to release instead of reading a book that kept me occupied for a whole month.

That's all for now but look forward for more. Read my movie blogs for the latest and the greatest in Desi movie world.


Anjaan said...

Photos girl!! Where are the photos????
Both from WC07 and the Wedding!
Esp photos of ur hairdo! Thats what i want to see! hehee

How u been?

Deepak Krishnan said...

Look, Shantaram as a book is one time read, nothing more. As such theres a lot of crime going on in India. Makes no difference if Gregory contributed his mite :D