Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Aran (2006) - Tamil Movie Review

Ranking: 1.5/5

Cast: Mohan Lal, Jeeva
Director: Major Ravi

I liked Jeeva in Ram. I really felt that he had matured as an actor...But choosing to do a movie like Aran just did not work in his favor. I cannot imagine Mohan Lal agreeing to do a film that is so poorly written, directed, dubbed, acted, scripted, etc...It is probably one of the worst movies I have seen. The director was surely trying to bank on the fact that he was in the Kargil War and on the over exposed Indo-Pak hatred. Sorry nothing worked in your favor Major Ravi.

The story is about Major Mahadevan (Mohan Lal) and Hawaldar Ravi (Jeeva) fighting against terrorist activities in Kashmir. We know who the villain is, we know that Ravi is dead, and we also know that India is going to come out shining at the very beginning of the movie. The story is simple, a terrorist cell in Pakistan that has infiltrated into India is going to bomb the Hazratbal mosque. The major gets a tip off and he along with his strong commando's go and stop the operation.

I am not going to elaborate any more...But here is a list of things I did not like in the movie:
1) There is no continuity between scenes.
2) Poorly written dialogues. Cliched and corny.
3) Badly written English dialogues and bad pronunciations.
4) The person who dubbed for the villain calling "jihad" as "jigad" is very annoying.
5) The gang rape scene which is shown very crudely could have been avoided. People get the picture if you just show a sketchy idea of rape...
6) Fight scenes are not even entertaining.
7) Romance between Jeeva and Gopika is boring.
8) Director should have taken some lessons before trying his hand out!

On the whole...I just would not waste time on this movie because even the music is not memorable!


Vishnu said...

Hi Anu, I liked the way you gave the review. Well. I saw the movie with some expectations and I was really disappointed... Well, few things they could have done are

1. Could have avoided Rajiv's voice for Mohanlal.
2. Could have added some scenes to show the bond between Hawaldar and Major.
3. Could have avoided the predictable climax.
4. Could have added few poetic scenes to show the love between Jeeva and Gopika.
5. Could have increased the pace of the story and could have avoided songs.
6. Could have avoided the typical cinematic scene in which Major asks one of his soldier who tends to get tensed on seeing the blood...

Well. We can add scenes like these... Anyhow, It's good review. Keep up your good work...

Anu Russell said...

Thanks Vishnu and I do agree with everything you have pointed out. SOmetimes I feel a good story/screenplay gets lost in bad direction... Thanks for visiting and your comments...keep coming back...